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Volcanic mud – Mud volcanoes in Gobustan

Crude oil – Naftalan Sanatorium

Volcanic mud is a natural raw material commonly used in construction, but it has therapeutic benefits as well. Since the volcanic waters are rich in iodine, boron, bromate, and salt compounds, they are used successfully in the treatment of certain diseases. In the 1980s, in the 16 medical institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the volcano mud was applied in the treatment of polyarthritis, radiculitis, hepatitis and many skin and joint diseases, and nervous system diseases. Volcanic mud is also used in Cosmetology. Volcanic mud is composed of 24 kinds of minerals such as copper, iodine, potassium, magnesium. The volcanic mud that the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan gives permission to sell is also used for dental treatment.

Azerbaijan is one of the countries that are generously endowed with a lot of natural resources, and people often come to these places to improve their health. Infrastructure of resort areas in the republic is growing rapidly, many hotels and boarding houses are being built for every taste and prosperity.


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