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Mineral water, mud volcanoes and oil – Galaalti, Shabran

Həsən Əliyev Küçəsi, Kəbirli, Azerbaycan

Crude oil – Naftalan Sanatorium

The medical resort is located 122 km away from Baku and provides visitors with a unique Naftsu water, mud volcanoes and oil. Here you can also find the latest technology, restaurants, and pools to have a convenient place to relax.

The sulfur-rich waters found at the Galaalti resort in the northeastern city of Shabran are said to help normalize metabolism, reduce the formation of uric acid and acidity of gastric juices, lower the permeability of cellular membranes, decrease dieresis, strengthen the immune system, and even prevent premature aging.


Həsən Əliyev Küçəsi, Kəbirli, Azerbaycan

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